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Reminder based on a date in the past

September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017


I’m trying to create new reminder based on a date in the past, for example if I enter today’s date in a column then
I would need to receive an e-mail reminder after two days. I thought of creating new column with a formula which
calculates the date and I used “+” operation but the result is just the date with the number added as text and not
a new date (with today’s date plus 2 days).

Best Regards

Igor Petrushenko
September 16, 2017

Hi, Dawoud!

Please, just use ‘-2’ days format. No need to use formulas.

And just for the future, you should select your operands types when you work with Formula. You can choose Text, Number or Data as formula operands. By default it will be Text.

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