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Forums ~ Noticed some issue with QuintaDB?

add teammembers to database

October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017

I cant figure out how to add team members to a whole database
the team menu is visible for forms or records -adding a team member only adds for that form
i dont want to have to add them individually
thanks for advice

Igor Petrushenko
October 9, 2017

Hi, Matthew!

When you adding new team member there is option at the top right “Add to all tables and reports in this project”.
But yes, currently, if you’ll add new form previous team member will not get access to this new form, you’ll have to add them again.

We’ve noticed that you saw crashes while working with Customer Portals. We’ve already fixed them. Sorry for that!
That’s because Portals is still new module and we keep working on it.

Both Team and Portals will be improved this year, so any suggestions from new customers like you are very welcome!

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