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multiple relationships

October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

I read there can only be one relationship between tables but does that mean can there be more than one many-many relationship for a table.
I want to have a structure that is like “parent-child- grandchild” where the relationship of the child table is many to many in both directions. When i try to do this the forms are not available from the drop box. Also when looking at the page forms for my database there are no relationships showing – the only way to make these appears to be by making a new field?
it looks different on the screencast.

Igor Petrushenko
October 10, 2017

Hi, Matthew!

Yes, you can create only one Relationship between table A and B.
If you want to show more field from table B in table A you have to add Formula field to table A,
which can use any of the B table’s fields as operands.

Igor Petrushenko
October 10, 2017

So if your task is to link tables A→B→C you’ll:

1. Create relationship between A & B, B & C.
2. Create Formula in table B named let’s say ‘C field’.
3. Create Formula in table A which will use formula field ‘C field’ (from step 2) from table B in order to show C fields data in table A.

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