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In-place editing to speed up data entry and record appends

August 24, 2016

Igor Nosovskiy
August 24, 2016

Is it possible to create a “quick verify” form where:

MTH “single line” field formats in a record can be entered into and modified without clicking the edit pencil. See image quick_verify.png: Record #2. Change the First Name, Last Name, and phone….

— a hot link is attached to each record (possibly unique ID), that will take a data entry person to the record in the “Add a record” form and then back to the “Quick Verify” records screen. This would make it quick to append check box formatted fields etc…

Igor Petrushenko
August 24, 2016

Hi Oley,

thank you for your suggestion. Sounds good for us. We’ll think more about it and will let you know about any progress via forum notifications.

August 24, 2016

Hi Igor,
Look forward to it. In-place editing functionality makes data entry much more efficient and cost effective.

Igor Petrushenko
October 19, 2016

Hi, Oley,

we’ve already implemented first version of inline editing.
You can enable it for all fields on ‘Fields’ menu in the ‘Additional options’ section at the bottom of the page.
Or for the individual field on ‘Edit fields’ pages.

Hope it helps!

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