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Sort filters in database widget

April 25, 2010

Igor Petrushenko
April 25, 2010

Hi Igor, just wanted to ask if you had and your team had found the time to look after a new performance for our musicdatabase? it was from 0-9, A, Z, and so on (for every DJ).

Then maybe a feature request, is it possible to make a tell a friend database? It means that somebody on your site can send directly the link of your website to emailadres to her/his friend and that end user can modify what is written (secure) kind of admin function. Would be a very nice feature:-)

Is it possible to make a login system that secures a page of the website? That would be very great! we need a secure system that only our DJ can use, maybe an option for a feature request also.

I would like to hear the possibylities, thanxx and keep on doing the great MTH job!!

kind regards Mylaya, MylaSound radio

Igor Petrushenko
April 26, 2010

Hi, Mylaya

Have you looked at Team menu?
You can find/invite people to your project and make them members or administrator. maybe it will fit your needs?
We also planning to make big improvement to this teaming functionality, permissions restrictions etc.

Regarding filtering 0-9, A..Z – yes we are going to do it, just a bit later. Because we are on the way of introducing conditional logic functionality which will be useful for you also.

Regarding login system I’m not sure what do you mean, maybe it’s still that Team module what you are looking for.

Also we do plan so add one more layer of widgets protection ‘by password’ so you can only allow people who knows password to see form or database widget.

We wil definitely let you know first if we will have something new for you.

Please, let us know if you have any other thoughts how to improve MTH!

Also, please, make sure to vote for each your feature request.
See ‘Vote for this article’ and you forum post message.
This is the way we trying to prioritize our new feature request.
The idea is to vote or to donate for feature to push it to our top of the list.
The fact that you’ve signed up for paid plans adds 20$ to this topic :)

Anyway thanks and talk to you soon!

Igor Petrushenko
July 4, 2010

Hi, Mylaya

I know why I took a while to implement your Filtering request – you didn’t answered to my reply to this topic.

However, please, take a look on your records page, you will find ‘Filtering link’, same you can find in your Database Widget.

It’s a beta functionality, we will be happy to hear feedback from you.


Igor Petrushenko
July 4, 2010


Please, click
here to find step by step Database Fitlering instructions.


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