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How to disable Flash file or image uploading

February 15, 2010

Igor Petrushenko
February 15, 2010

If you have any issues submitting files or images from your forms you always can disable them.
Please, go to the Widget Builder, Form Widget Settings and use the ‘Disable Flash’ option at the bottom on the right side.

Also, please, see the screenshot below.

How to disable Flash file uploading

Hope it helps!

P.S. We’ve added Flash file uploading as per many users’ requests. As you probably know QuintaDB.com is a great way to store your music, files or video online, for Free. So many people upload really big files and they should see the progress bar, to see to what extent their file will be uploaded.
So, if you do not need big files uploading it really makes sense to just go to the form widget settings and disable flash file uploading.

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