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August 28, 2018

Document Control
August 28, 2018


My name is Matt Power with Document Control at Reinicke Athens Inc.

We recently made changes to a few forms and cloned them to separate our two companies. The form changes aren’t showing up in either form once summited as well as the email chain changes. Basically when I change the Emails in all columns It still sends to the people it was set to originally(when form was first created). The forms giving Issue are listed below

Under HR Forms:

FAB Employment Separation Notification

RAI Employment Separation Notification

FAB New Hire Notification

RAI New Hire Notification

RAI Vacation Request Form

FAB Vacation Request Form

Under Technology:

New Hire Technology Request <- Only problem is a deleted field still shows up.

Thank you,

Igor Nosovskiy
August 29, 2018

Hi Matt,

If I understood you correctly, initially the type of field that you had was “Email”, and then, after cloning, it changed to “Single line”?
Have you tried to setting up notifications on cloned forms?
And if I misunderstood you, please send us a screenshot, it would be easier for us to understand your issue.

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