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Proof of concept

November 6, 2018

November 6, 2018

Before I spend time learning your program, I would like to see if it will meet my needs. Could you please review the data below which is a high level overview of what I what to do and tell me if it will work:

This app allows a user to purchase an investment in a company by asking a series of questions and collecting basic data such as name and contact information, and then, based on the answers, choose the proper forms and populate those forms with data it collected from the user. The investor will then read and accept the investment if they choose. Here are the requirements:
1. Attach the finished app to our WordPress website, hosted by a third-party web company
2. Part 1- User interface:
a. Ask users a few questions; the answers will be yes/no, a number, or an answer from a drop-down box
b. Collect basic data from the user, like name, address, email, etc. Most of these fields will be mandatory
c. Based on the answers in both a. and c. above, specific forms from about 10 different options will be chosen and the data from a. and c. will populate these forms.
d. Save the form based on the users email address and password they chose. This will allow the user to save the data and come back later to complete the form.
e. Display the forms (up to 200 pages) for the user to read. The user can also download the populated forms.
f. At the end of the forms, the user confirms if they would like to proceed with investment. The user’s name would then be the “certification” if they want to invest.
g. If so, the user can pay for the investment using one of the following options:
i. If under $3000, they can use their email account to send the funds to a specific email account
ii. Electronic Funds Transfer
iii. Later, by cheque or other means.
h. Send the completed forms to the user and send an email to the administrator, with a summary of the information.
3. Part 2 – Dealer interface:
a. Allow a “Dealer” or “financial advisor” to populate the data on behalf of the client, but not commit to the investment.
b. Send an email to the client with an invite to log on to the app and review the investment and accept the investment if they chose (as outlined above).
c. Allow the Dealer to view their specific clients, and a list of both “accepted” and “unaccepted” investments.
4. Part 3 – Administrator interface:
a. Allow the Administrator to setup up new Dealers
b. View all records of accepted and unaccepted investments
5. I would like to setup multiple instances of this app, one for each investment, just with a different URL.

Igor Petrushenko
November 6, 2018

Hi, Evan!

Yes, it looks like everything can be done via QuintaDB.
Please, let me know if you’ll have any specific questions.

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