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Integrating payment services

April 22, 2019

April 22, 2019

I really like the direction you are going with the product development and some of the new features; and , I have a suggestion.

Often I use tools like Cognito Forms for similar use cases as I see QuintaDB. In these cases I am looking for a way to make conditional forms where sections of the form are invisible, and become visible based on the input of the end-user. This is essentially driving the end user through some branching decisions and qualifying them for the best purchase of goods or services for their circumstance. Ultimately, this results in an in-form payment: where the form does not lose focus but processes a payment with paypal or stripe using the payment service API, and information provided by the end-user and the form data (for instance the price of the service). This ends with a confirmation of the payment in a form section, and the placement of the payment details (transaction code, amount, date/time) in the form. This requires the transaction to meet the encryption standards of the payer service, and pass the account details of the account to be credited; typically the rest can be handled as a popup form by the payer system, and ultimately a return to the form with a success or failure message.

This payment integration is of great use, and can make the toolset very useful. it may also potentially yield a revenue stream to QuintaDB, though I don’t know the business details behind that.

I am going to play with the account that I have and see how closely I can emulate the conditional logic, and whether I can make the calls to PayPal myself. I urge QuintaDB to consider (1.) developing an easy to use interface with a payer or payers that can be put into a project as a future feature set, and to consider (2.) using form sections with conditional logic rules in-between them.


Igor Petrushenko
April 22, 2019

Hi, Kevin!

Thank you very much for testing our service and for your very detailed suggestions.
We’ll definitely implement payment solutions withing QuintaDB, and your instructions will be very helpful.
For now we have Field rules. You can paste any HTML or JS code into the field names, makes sense for Description field type. This way you can try to integrate the link or even the payment form into your quintadb’s form.
We’ll let you know once we’ll have any integrated solutions with callbacks etc.

Please, let me know if you’ll have any other questions or suggestions.

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