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Online Google Map Builder

You can build, customize and integrate google map, using our Google Map builder. You need to fill your database with some data and each entry should have it's own latitude and longitude. This map can be embedded to your web page or you can use direct link

Please, read about NEW Maps module here. Because information below is out to date.



Build amazing google maps using MyTaskHelper.com online. No programming skills are required, just Excel spreadsheet or few minutes to build your points database, generate beautiful google maps and integrate them into your web page online!

Web Google Map Builder

See what you can make in a few minutes now.


Google Map built using MyTaskHelper.com


You can create any map you wish, customize it and embed it into your web page.


Go to the Google Map menu in Widgets section. Here is where all magic lives. But you can't use the map until you customize it and add some points to your database.

Customize Google Map

You should set your Latitude and Longitude columns first. Make sure to specify your marker title column.

Map Builder settings section


As you can see from the screenshot you can enable or disable both map size and type. You have to set your Map Center Longitude and Latitude to properly show your points. After you consider to integrate the map consider to adjust the widget height and width as well as map size.

How to create a map for your web page

Customize a google map and get google maps hosting now! You can populate your database with points, like we did on the screenshot below. This is just a form with three fields. Longitude and Latitude is Decimal fields and Point name is a string.

Points data for map


Or if you already have an Excel spreadsheet with your data for generating the map, just import it to MyTaskHelper.com and you are ready to configure and generate the Map.

Integrate the Map into the web site or web page

And of course here there is a Direct link to the Map generated using MyTaskHelper online.


  • Online Google Map Builder integrated into MTH
  • you can export a points spreadsheet
  • adjust map settings and generate it at any time
  • customize your map and embed the map into the web site

More tools for the MTH users: maps

Please, let us know if you know a better way to build google maps online. We can improve our map builder for sure.

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Igor Petrushenko


Currently there is no way to use zip codes or addresses in google maps. But we’ll add your feature request to our forum.

Thank you!

I don’t know how to aquire the longitude and lattitide from the address data that I have. Zip codes would be easiest. If there is an easy way to do that I would like to implement this. Please advise.

Why not get rid of latitude and longitude, or at least add the ability to “group” fields to make an address that google can understand. Seems simple enough?

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