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January update: [PLEASE, check your widgets]

Please, login to your website and check integrated widgets



! If you've integrated MTH widgets to your website, please, open your website and check how widgets looks like.


In order to move forward and follow modern standarts we had to change our Default Form and Table templates.


In some cases it may cause troubles for you. For example:


1. If you can't see 'Submit' button in most cases it means that you've used the iframe-code to integrate form to your HTML page.

Please, update this code with the new JavaScript code, which is already default in MTH. Please, see screenshot below:


Embed code


Even without current MTH release, we highly recommend you to update all widget codes with this new 'Embed code', which is actually JavaScript instead of iframe.


2. If you've selected to place your form fields at the left you may want to change new 'Left column size' settings. This way you can control field and label width.

Please, see screenshot below.


Left aligned form


3. If you have problems with your Table widget's borders or colors, please, login to MTH and adjust border size, set it to empty value. Or change your color and background colors manually.


Row border size



4. If you have uploaded your own CSS, you may need to change it as well as other widget settings in MTH UI.

Because your CSS rules were applied to the old markup, they will not work or will work with issues with the new HTML markup.


Sorry for taking your time and any possible issues. But we are sure that these changes will make our widgets even more powerful. They will work better on all devices and screens.

In the next step we'll make it possible to save your own Theme and re-use it all across your form and tables. Without a need to modify it again and again for each widget.


If you'll notice any other issues, please, contact us.

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