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May update: hide form fields in Edit Record form, hide 'Create project' button from team members and other features

In May we've added the possibility to hide 'Create project' button from team members and other useful features

- 'Allow to create projects' option added to Team module. This way you can control if your users will be able to create their own projects or work only with your shared project.

Allow to create projects option in Team module

- Added 'Show on edit record widget' options for form fields. Also 'Disable field' option moved from Edit field page to 'Fields' tab in form widget settings.


Show on edit record widget


- From now email confirmation notification will contain links to file.

- You now able to add data tags into 'Allow end user edits' email's subject.

- Export settings page with 'Right-to-left text direction' option added to 'Export' dropdown on 'Records' page.

- Filtering form removed. We suggest you to use Search form to filter and search through your data.

- Overal security and performance improvements.

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