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Validation (presence, validate only on submit)

Presence validation or Can't be blank validation is the first option you want to enable for most form fields. It allows you to be sure that user will input data to your form, instead of submitting blank form

Today I'd like to introduce new validation types: presence, validate only on submit. The best way to see how it works – real example.




  1. Login to online database
  2. Create new project “First project”
  3. Create new form “Registration form”
  4. Now you fill in the form fields with the following information: name, username, email, address, bio, photo, registration date, etc.
  5. Ok, so now we have a form with fields. Good. Let's have a talk about validation. Select presence, validate only on submit for all fields.


Presence - this option does not allow a user to leave fields blank.  

Validate only on submit - if you select this system feature it will check all the fields only after you press “Create” button.

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