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How to send data from one web form to the other using QuintaDB

Sending data from several integrated web-form widgets to one table really easy using QuintaDB's Submit To functionality

We've implemented new features in QuintaDB system - now you can send data from one web form to the other.


How to send data from one web form to the other using MyTaskHelper

The main idea - user can create a web form (call it - a main form), then clone it, change the appearance (and other settings) and embed a copy into any website. All entered data of this web form will be submited to the main form's table (records of multiple forms can be stored in one table). It's an easy way to transfer data from one web form to some other.

All data submitted from Child form will be held in automatically created Report in main table, called 'submitted from child form name'.


You can see detailed step by step instructions below:

The first step: Create a project (for example, partnership program).

Go to the Fields menu and add all needed fields.

After adding of all the fields you need to duplicate this form. Find the button "Duplicate" on Forms menu and click on it.

So, now we have a copy of the main form.

To change the form name click on a text. For example we can call it "Partnership form".

Below the form you can find a link Advanced options. Click on it and select the web form you need to submit the data.


After that, the data from the partnership web form will be sent to the main form. Please, notice that the field names of both forms must be identical. In partnership web form you can not change the field type, field name and add new fields.

For example, a user adds an entry to one of the partnership forms, then this record comes to the main form database. Project Administrator will be able to view and analyze all records at once or separately from any form (you need only to select the needed Report).

This feature is useful for partner programs creation.

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