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Customize & Integrate module improvements and not only them

We've added search and sort for integrated databases. Also you can enable or disable some columns in your embedded database widget. Also delete link can be enabled if needed for all web users

We are working on users' suggestions and implementing them

  • Search/Sorting and even pagination  is added to any integrated Database Widget
    So your integrated database now can be searched and sorted by your users.
    For example, you can create a Shops database, on the first page you will integrate "Enter your Shop" form and on the next page you can integrate a Shops widget, which will show a table with all shops, entered by your site visitors.
  • Enabling/Disabling of form fields in the integrated Database widget is implemented
    From the Shops example - your Shop owners may want to leave
    login, password any other confidential info about their Shop.
    So we need to have a way to hide this info from the integrated widget -
    and now you can do it from a Customize & Integrate menu for any form
  • Sometimes you can integrate your widget and enter some fake data into it.
    Then in order to delete this row you will have to login to MTH and delete this data.
    But in some cases you may want to delete the link directly in the integrated widget.
    That is why we have added such an option under the Database Widget in the Customize & Integrate menu.
  • The view of records table has been improved, duplicated Delete links, etc

Thank you for all of these very valuable suggestions. You can see that we implement all of them.
So, please, continue sending us your suggestions. We look forward to implementing them.

We are working on Customize & Integrate menu now.
Thank you all for your help and support,
Your suggestions are very important for us!

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