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Database forms

QuintaDB can build web-forms with database back-end. Then this database web-form can be embedded to your web sites or blogs. It is really easy to create such forms in QuintaDB online database

To create a database form in a few clicks - this is the main aim of our application. When you have a web form with a database back-end you can do almost everything: create a contact form, registration form or mail list. You will always be able to manage your data in the table view, export it or embed it into your site.

I remember how I've implemented my first forms for an Access database at the University. It was very funny and easy for me, but not for the rest of the group.

Other students had no database knowledge or skills. But I'm sure, that each of those students will be able to build the same forms using our database service without any problems.


Database form

It's a form with a database back-end. You create a form in our form builder and that's all we need from you.

You do not need to know any MySQL or Access or PHP to link your form with the database. You have only to care about the style of your form. Customize and embed your web form to your site using our widget builder module and you are on the right track.


Database back-end

Having the form integrated and in production use all you need is to process your entries. Our application will notify you about new records entered into your project. Next you can get back to the user, investigate his input and export for his further use. You can analyze your data base using the advanced search and filtering, sort by any column and many more! If your form has a file or image field you can always export all files in one go.

We hope you will find our database forms extremely useful!

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