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October news: in-place editing, new date filters, Chart builder and other improvements

You can enable in-place editing in MTH, use new advanced date filters in Search and Grouping forms and many more

1. In-place editing.


2. Reduced Professional Express and Enterprise Express plans pricing. Added Reports and Charts limits to all plans.


3. Improved field creation and field's type changing process for "Dropdown", "Radio", "Checkbox", "Table" and 'Formula' fields.

Previously you had to perform two steps in order to create and populate such fields with default values. Now it can be done in one step on the same page.

4. Chart builder improvements:

- you can control data order now. Scroll to the bottom of your chart builder page. When ‘Data source’ selected as ‘Database’ new ‘Order’ control will be available with ‘Sort ASC’ and ‘Sort DESC’ options

- we’ve fixed ‘Select field’ & ‘Name’ & ‘Control’ controls. Now field will be properly & automatically filled with selected field name

- all points will be fetched from Table or Report, it is not limited by ‘Per page’ value

- we’ve added Pagination to Charts page. May be helpful if you have more then 10 charts in your project

- chart preview icon added at the right of each chart on Charts page, so you can preview chart without a need to open chart builder


5. Improved overall system performance, stability and security.


6. Compact 'Field sorting' page added. Please, find 'drag-and-drop' icon at the top right on 'Fields' menu.


7. Added 'Search' form  and Pagination control on Reports, Charts and Forms pages. Will be useful for the projects with a lot of such entities.


8. Plugins menu, Stores, CMS and Blogs modules removed and no longer supported. Because we decided to concentrate on improving basic MTH features.


9. Integration menu for Charts, Table, Maps and LQE widgets improved. Added JavaScript codes for widgets integration.


10. Actions menu for Table and Report widget pages improved.


11. New date criteria added in Search form. Now you can perform complex searches with one click:


New date filters in Search form


12. New grouping criteria for Date columns. Now you can group not only be exact value, but also by: year, month, week and quarter.


New date filters for Date columns in grouping form




13. You can filter and group by Relationship column now.


14. Added the possibility to change Dropdown's field size.


15. You can enable 'Add new record' option for Table and Report widget and get such link in your widgets now.

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