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User blocking at the IP-address for the purpose of your database security

You can block users by IP if you think they sending spam to your database using your web-forms.

Spam, flood, senseless sayings - how annoying they could be not only for the site owner, but for other more conscientious visitors. The majority of site administrators make a thorough modernization of the records before their publication or use a captch for the database protection. However such protection is not always effective and spammers continue adding unnecessary records and comments which sometimes have a negative colouring. In connection with it a small group of programming specialists has developed a new option, which provides users with the possibility to put users into a ban list on the basis of their IP-address. The case is that every PC with an access to the Internet has its IP, which is a user identificator. If there is a prohibition for a particular user who has his unique identificator like all the others (in other words - his IP address is blocked), he will not be able to get an access to the web form, which the owner tries to protect.


There is a detailed instruction below.


If you have decided to block an unwanted user on the basis of his IP, then you need to visit the “Records” menu. Further on, find a message or a comment from this user in the records table, and then click on the View link in the records view column.


You need to find the “In more detail” link in the opened window. If you click on the link you will be able to find the IP-address of the user, who left the message. You can see Block this IP option near the IP, what we actually need. After you click on the button, the IP of an unconscious user will be put into the ban-list and he will not be able not only to add messages and leave comments, but visit your site, thus, saving you and your users from spam.


Sometimes there is a situation when you need to remove the before given ban from the user, for example, if his IP-address was put into the ban-list by mistake or for any other reason. IP block removing will not take much effort and can be done by everyone. All you need is to get into the “Customize and Integrate” menu, click on the Web-forms tab and choose the “Security” sub-option. After that it is necessary to choose the moderation option. You will see a link which will contain the whole list of IP-addresses that were blocked earlier. After that you just have to remove blocking from the needed user and he will be able to visit your site and leave records and comments again.

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