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Holiday discounts for MyTaskHelper service

Holiday discounts and new features, such as DMTHML, chart builder for creating reports, LQE and Send to form

Hi, Dear MyTaskHelper user,


We are happy to announce about the Holiday discounts for an annual subscription – 25%.

You need to pay only 175$ to get an unlimited account for the whole year. Go to My Profile page and select 1 year 175$ (25% discount) plan.


The offer is valid till 30/04/2011.


We are happy to introduce several new features:

  1. Chart Builder. Create and integrate charts based on your online database in MTH
  2. Customize Record widget page using DMTHML Dynamic MyTaskHelper Markup Language
  3. Login Query Engine functionality
  4. How to send data from one web form to another using MyTaskHelper

We hope it helps you in your use of MyTaskHelper.


It is just several recent updates. More detailed information about all MyTaskHelper features you can find in our blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, send them to our forum.


To unsubscribe, please, fill out this form.

To delete MyTaskHelper account read this instruction.


Thank you, Sincerely,

Andrew Shenderuk

Relationship manager at MyTaskHelper.com

and MyTaskHelper.ru

email me at: andrew@mytaskhelper.com

US/Canada number: 1-866-921-3798

cell: +38 098 602 70 81

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