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Happy Holidays from MyTaskHelper with new features present

New features like 'Per page' controls, paginations, export limits removing added

From all of us at MyTaskHelper, we wish you a happy and healthy Holiday Season
We look forward to working with you in the new year!

Recent changes:

  • Last and Next 'N' days search filters added.

Last/Next N days/weeks/months/years filters added


  • Options to hide Total and Average icons from table column's headers.
  • Limit notifications added. You'll be automatically emailed if you reached one of the MTH's limits.
  • Added 'Per page' controls for Apps and drag-and-drop icons, so you can change databases order manually. In the same way you re-order forms or form fields.

Re-order apps and per page control


  • Data export task's 'Run' button now performs action immediatelly, instead of waiting needed week day. 
  • Scheduled data exports works in the same way it always was.
  • Ability to change Edit column name and Edit links title in your table or report widget.

Change Edit column header and link names


  • Searchable database with single search field. MTH now will automatically hide search columns and criteria if you selected in Search form settings only 1 allowed column and 1 criteria. This makes the search form much simplier to use. Below is an example from the Live database:

New Search form

  • Removed table widget export limits by moving big table's Excel and PDF exports to background. We asking web users to enter their emails now.
  • For small  tables it will still return files immediatelly in web-browser.
  • File export from Records page moved to background too.
  • Added paginations for listing Team members and payment history.
  • Login Query Engine improvements. Performance optimizations and pagination added to LQE result page.
  • Import now automatically parses Date, DateTime (with date formats), Integer and Decimal field types.
  • Added 'Edit' link to table column header on Records page. Just hover on the column name and you'll be able to go directly to 'Edit Field' page. May be handy if you need to change field type or change column settings quickly. Without a need to go to the 'Fields' menu first and searching for the field on the whole form.

Edit Field link



All the best,
The MTH Family

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