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February update: new widget design options, print and export single record and many more

In february we've added new form and table widget design options. Ability to print and export single record and many more

- Widgets design settings: new border settings, messages and tooltips position options. Button align and design section added. Widget preview at the bottom added.

Form widget design settings


- Table widget header and design options. 

- Added search design section to table widget with abbility to change search form width.

- Abbility to change column width in widget preview.


Table widget design options


- New LQE design settings.

LQE design settings


- Relationships separator added. By default linked values in many-to-many relationship separated by comma, but you can separate it by any HTML you need, by <br /> for example.

Relationship values separator

- Export and print single record and widget record to PDF/Excel/CSV added.

Export and print single record options

- Import several sheets with abbility to specify row with column names.

- Import into table improved, you can select from which one sheet to import.

- Do not allow to override already updated record. If someone already update the record you editing now you'll be notified after pressing update button.

- Render HTML tags option added. This way you can control if  HTML in your record cells will be rendered or stripped.

- 'Read only' field in form widget option added. 

Read only and render HTML tags options


- Tooltip design changed. Abbility to specify where to show field description

- Form field's fixed width option. If you don't need adaptive form enable this option and form field will always be at the same width.

Fixed form field width option

- In 1 month default value added.

- Improved navigation between related tables.

- Increased Trial user records limit to 50k.

- You can change States field width now.

- Overal security, performance and stability improvements.


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