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Creation of online database for web site clients

Customers database can be done in MTH within a minute. It allows your to track your web site clients and manage this data in online db

Have you decided to set up your own business in the World Wide Web (for example, e-shop) or do you have just a need to hold some data on the computer that is not yours?


The most widespread solution in the first case is to make use of services of a hired computer expert who has a thorough knowledge of web technologies and can realize your ideas. The disadvantage of that approach is the necessity to pay for the services of your employee, for what not every business newcomer has enough material resources. Besides, if you need to make some changes in the database, that has been already created, you will have to attract an external contractor once more.


Approaches for the solution of the second problem that is holding of personal information (photos, music files) in the World Wide Web are more various. For example, you can buy a sufficient amount of place on the Remote Access Server or you can make use of one of the free web services. However, holding of data on the disc space, that is not yours, will cost a certain amount of money, and free web services are quite limited in functionality.


So what’s to be done? Turns out, there is a project called MyTaskHelper.com, which is an online constructor of web forms and databases of any complexity. What is to be done to create a database and embed it into a site? Everything is quite simple here, you should just make some steps, about which we will tell you by demonstrating the process of creation of the household appliances price-list for the clients of e-shop:


- Register in the system and activate your account;


- Create a project, enter its name (for example, “Household appliances e-shop”);


- Create a form with a title “Household appliances price-list”;


- Add necessary form fields, for example, “Product item” (type of data – dropdown list – where items are to be put, that is vacuum cleaners, food processors, TV sets, irons, etc.), “Manufacturing company” (type of data – dropdown list), product price (type of data – number with a comma), “availability/non-availability of goods in the warehouse” (type of data – Boolean or radio button), etc.;


- The system makes it also possible to customize the options of validation, that is to indicate which field can not be empty for a client, in which field only numerical value can be entered;


- As soon as you create a form, pass to the tabbed page Customize and Integrate, you can customize its look and feel (background color, size, type and color of font, amount of indentation unit), indicate if you need simple or complex captcha, enter e-mail address/addresses, where notifications about form entry will come;


- Here, passing to the tabbed page “Database” you can also customize the database itself (“Household appliances price-list”), which will be embedded into the e-shop site;


- That’s it and all you have to do now is to copy the widget code of the database and place it on the page of the Internet project. Now your clients’ online database is embedded in the site.


As you see, system MyTaskHelper makes it possible to build not only a database, but web forms (follow-up forms, registration forms, interrogations of users, questionnaires). Besides, you can import data bases of clients by doing only a couple of clicks, save it in Excel format and use it in future for your intended purposes.


Have you noticed that we don’t say about any need to have a thorough knowledge of web technologies, know anything about php, HTML, CSS, MySQL? That’s right, you don’t need to have such knowledge, the whole system is organized in a very simple way, and very easy to use.

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