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July news and new features in MyTaskHelper

July news and new features in MyTaskHelper

Hello our dear clients!

We were working hard during this month and have something to share with you! Good news - we removed the trial period for 15 days!

Bugs and problems are fixed

  • The number of rules for formatting.
  • Encoding in the archive.
  • Cloning forms and projects.
  • The field for the blog post has been expanded.
  • Fixed non-working pins on the map.
  • Paid accounts that are not paid in time automatically transferred to a free tariff (if the limits allow it).
  • The "Page Break" field buttons are in one row now.
  • Fixed a bug in the Checkbox field for e-mail list.
  • In the calendar template fixed the ability to remove the html field.

New features

  • Added hints how to edit the pin title on the maps.
  • When you add project pages to the browser bookmark bar, the title of your project / table name / report is now displayed.
  • There is a preview button for the forms.
  • Plans:

We already have a Telegram channel, which we plan to fill in the near future, and we also plan to create:

  • Telegram Group
  • Pinterest account

To show you the possibilities of our service, we plan to recreate web forms from well-known sites.

Teaser: Soon we will show you the forms of Bookin.com and Rentalcars.com

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