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How to add Table field to web form

Table field can be added to web-form to provide set of cells. It's like editable HTML table control for your online database

Now you can add a Table to your Form. We have added this new field type, which we hope will be useful for you. It can help you to build amazing surveys as well.



How to add Table field to web form


The Premier League Table widget

We will show you how to add a Table field to your form using the Premier League Table example. Embedding the premier league table to your web page can't be done easier.

First of all create a form and add Table field. Then click on Edit field link to set your table rows and columns.

Enter your rows and columns, one per line.


Okey, you are ready to go. Click on the Add Record link and fill your first Premier League Table widget


We will add Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City and Tottenham. This is how this table looks like today. Now you can see a populated table on the records page.

Also you can see it when you click on the View or Edit link.

Other examples of using the Table on the Form

There are many other cases which you need to add a Table to your web-form. For example you may want to add scores to your gamer personal information form. So you can add Standardized scores Table control to your form. And add a Scores column with Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Math Computation rows.

Table on Students forms

In the same way you can add the National Curriculum (NC) Levels table with the most recent NC levels columns and English, Maths, Science rows.

You can put a Risk Assessment table to your Behaviour web form with Target, Probability, Seriousness, Influencing factors columns and Verbal aggression (incl. threats,swearing) , Physical aggression (incl.kicking, punching, biting, scratching, spitting, hair pulling), Intimidation communicated by physical action, Property destruction, Defiance or non-compliance, Disruption, Self-injury, Sexual behaviour, Stealing, Running away from immediate environment, Running off site, Refusal to move, Use of weapon, Use of illegal substance / alcohol columns.

Improve your survey with Table control

And it is obvious that you can build much more powerful surveys now. You can ask users to provide information in a more advanced way now.

The Premier League Table Widget is just one example of how you can use the table field web form. So, go ahead and improve your forms with the Table right now.

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