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Speed improvements, more options in Customize & Integrate module

We've improved overal app performance and speed. Also you can upload your own logo to both web form and database, set email validation. Records menu re-designed and improved as well

We have improved the speed of our application, big databases run very fast now.

Sorting and searching through database has been improved as well as loading and opening of your database. Thess changes affected both integrated and personal databases.

More options for your widgets

  • Now you can change your forms and databases font size.
  • Also it is possible now to change Logo size on both New and Database widgets. So we are giving more and more options while implementing our users requests.
  • If you have an Email field (check Email validation in the Forms menu) it will be linked in your database. It means that you can click on email and your email client will be opened, so you can start composing an email to your email recipient.

Records module design improvements

We changed the look and feel of our Records module. Main functions are hidden now with links Search, Export to Excel, Pagination, Delete Multiple. We believe it makes the interface less messy and it looks much better.

Pagination has been completely reworked to have a selected control instead of multiple boxes with page numbers

Interface is changed as well. All Sort, Search and Paginate actions will be supported with a spinner image, so you can track the time of performed operation and do not click on links while operation runs.

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