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QuintaDB invitation program

Invite users to QuintaDB and receive free 1 month account for each 3 users. Another good way to save money with QuintaDB

Do you like QuintaDB? Want to invite your friends? We'll be very happy and will give you 1 month of an unlimited account for every 3 invited friends!

Just enter their emails (one per line) and press "Invite!" button. Once they activate their accounts the system will automatically add you 1 month of an unlimited access. We'd like to notice that you can invite as many people as you want, i.e. for 3 invitations - 1 month, and for 30 - 10 month of an unlimited access!


How to invite new users to MTH


Please, notice, that you can't invite people to create blank accounts just for you to have free account. The aim is to bring new real QuintaDB users, not blank accounts.

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