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Very profitable partner program from MyTaskHelper

MTH allows you to earn money by promoting our service. You can get up to 25% by bringing new users to MTH using our partnership program

MyTaskHelper database builder makes it possible not only to create a professional web site with the help of simple and at the same time developed simulation aids, but to earn some money by the participants of its partner program. In order to get an opportunity to earn with MyTaskHelper you need to do only one action - attract new system users.


Let’s consider what the participants of the partner program get in the end and what its advantages are. Every sold account will start bringing profits to the personal account of the partner immediately. The profit depends on the tariff plan of the attracted user and the markup chosen. For example, you can earn 3 dollars by selling even the minimal account. You can get such profits selling registration for a cheaper price than it is at the official site, what gives certain advantages to every partner.


You can keep records of all attracted users yourself and realize their registration at your own site. Immediately after the activation of a new account and payment for a tariff plan monetary reward will be remitted to your account.


But the main advantage beside good financial profits is that it is necessary to attract to a high-level and multi-functional service, because MyTaskHelper is a system which includes the following merits (features):


- You do not need to possess any knowledge of programming in order to create dynamic and multidirectional web-resources, you can do all the work on project management and development in a convenient and simple web-editor;


- Information in all the projects is kept in databases, the access to which can be activated both automatically and with the help of programming means; there is a possibility to create a site online;


- Minimal time and material expenditures for creation of a fully-featured Internet resource, as well as simple methods of the existing site modernization within a relatively short time and without any need to attract outside specialists;


- Constant service development which manifests itself in the improvement of the existing and addition of new functions; support of MyTaskHelper technical specialists and managers. Participation in MytaskHelper partner program does not require special technical skill and financial expenses.


All you have to do is to fill a special form and wait until the company representative contact you for details clarification. In case you have any questions you can get into touch with online database MyTaskHelper support service at any time.

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