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August update: popup form widgets, moving form/project to another project/account and more

In August we've added popup form widgets, improved Maps and Login form functionality, added can't be blank validation for Relationship field and many more

In the last month we've added:

- Popup form widgets. Please, see below where to find and how to configure and use them:

Popup form widgets


- Added 'Can't be blank' validation for Relationship fields.

- Allowed to use Relationship checkbox in 'multiple select checkbox' feature.

- You can select Report as a source for Login form. This way data will be searched within a Report and not within the whole table. Also you can select any field as a Login/Password. Please, see screenshot below.

- We've added per_page parameter to our API.

- Added export pdf option to allow exporting notes. Please, see more details here.

- Allowing to select Map coordinates in separate longitude and latitude columns.

- You can move Form to another Project now. And also the whole Project to another Account.  More details in this topic.

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