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New in MTH: new modules Files and Team, export limits and many more

You can upload and share files between your Team members using new Files module. Please, investigate new rules and export limits too.

- We've added new modules Files and Team. It's in Beta now, so any feedback and suggestions much appreciated.

Currently you can upload files and use it within your MTH team users. On the Team page you can control if user can delete, only upload or access only their own files.

- New limit added for the overall exported records. You can see your exports on the Export log page.

Also  added rules, reminders, actions and formattings limits. Please, investigate it on the Pricing page.


New pie charts and limits on the statistic page


- Scheduled exports and newsletters will be avaialble only for paid accounts.

- Improved application header. Now it includes direct links to Usage and Statistic page, Payment, support and forums pages.


New application header with links to payment, support and statistic pages


Please, noticed that Statistic page changed, now it uses pie charts to help you better track your resources usage.

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