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MyTaskHelper.com - upgraded and redesigned

You can now delete multiple records in a time. Also customize & integrate module is moved to separate page. Forms menu have better usability. Also speed highly improved

Site redesigned, upgraded, simplified user experience and, of course, added new features!

Please, check out new MyTaskHelper.com's design.
Changed color schema and menus, relaxing color schema.
We are trying to keep design very simple, so it's a pleasure to work with it every day.
Please, if you have any suggestions, just let us know.
Also we have upgraded our servers, because we have noticed the growth of our users base.

  • Now you can delete multiple records,
    we have restyled list records tables, you can also see 'More' links on each record row
  • We have moved all widget specific functions to separate menu of a Customize & Integrate,
    because we are going to improve it greatly
  • Restyled Forms menu, hidden forms tree, instead just a table view
  • Restyled fields list
  • Fixed several defects and many speed improvements

We are working on Cutomize & Integrate now, we are also going to add Edit Multiple features
to be able to edit multiple records. Thank you all for your help and support,
Your suggestions are very important for us!

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