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Auto-complete functionality in database forms, added Birthday and States field types

Birthday field can be used to show exact age in table column. States it's a list of US states. And auto-complete allows more easiest input for pre-set list of values

Auto-complete functionality is a great way to add more power to your forms.

Auto-complete functionality has been implemented.

To auto complete from a database is very easy with the help of the Forms module.


We have added one more great feature for MyTaskHelper's users called Auto-Complete. It means that you can set some set of default values for your Single Line fields and MyTaskHelper will try to help your users to fill the field with auto-complete values by showing the list of possible values. When your user enters the first symbol in the field we will search in your predefined list of auto-complete values and will show the list of possible field values. Let's show it quickly on a small project. First of all make sure to create a new project for testing this feature. Then add a new form, it will be a very simple form with just a few fields.

Create a State field with the type of a Single Line. Set some description text for your users.

Set instructions for users for state field
And now the most important thing - enter the list of auto-complete values, one per line. Click on auto-complete link.
Set auto-complete values for state field
And copy and paste the list of US States.
Enter list of values for auto-complete field
Here we are, let's see it in action.
See how auto-complete works on real form
Great, it definitely works! Now you can go ahead and improve your forms to add more power and to impress your users! ;)

States field type added

To be honest, the previous example is not a very good example of how to add the States field because now we have such a field type in the Forms module! Select the States field and create a new field 'Choose your state'.
Select type of field States and create states field
That's it, see how the States field works in action.

See how states field will be looks like on your form

Birthday field type added

We keep improving our Online Form Builder. Making it more advanced, we give you new options. And today we are glad to introduce you one more field type - Birthday. Yes, it's just a birthday, but I should admit it's a so widely used field type! So why not to add it? We thought the same and just added it. Thanks for My Task Helper's flexibility.

Create a new database for testing Birthday field.

New project to demonstrate Birthday and States fields and auto-complete

Add a new testing birthday web form.

New form to demonstrate Birthday and States fields and auto-complete


Now just go ahead and select Birthday type for your new Your Birthday field.

Select birthday field type

Now you are free to try it. Click on Add Record link and add your new Birthday field.

Submit form with birthday field type

There is one more sweet thing to mention. Once you've added a record with your birthday you should see the age in the data table.

Age field

Yes, we calculate your age automatically for you. We will definitely go further and improve our search functionality to make it easier for you to search through your databases.
Now you know a few more tips how to make your amazing web forms more powerful, so go and improve the most beautiful of your forms!

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Igor Petrushenko

I’m so happy to add a beautiful web form and even an auto-complete function to my site!

It’s so difficult to implement it myself!

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