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Really productive week

This week we added Customize & Integrate menu, so now your can create more beautiful web forms and databases and integrate them to your web pages and blogs. Also blog added

New features in the Forms menu

  • New fields are added: Description text and Section heading. Now you can add some text to your forms and add a section break to break some parts of your beautiful forms!
  • You can change your field size to make it more attractive for users. Previously you couldn't change, for example, 'Post code' field to make it smaller, but now you can do it easily.
  • You can add a field description to help users to fill the form.

New features in the Customize & Integrate menu

  • Added new options: Name and Description for both Form and Database widgets. Add text heading to your form or database to help your users understand what your form is for. You can change font size and text color for this text.
  • You can change font family on your widgets. You may prefer Times New Roman or Comic fonts, so we are a bit more flexible now and can bring it to you.
  • You can enable or disable email notifications about new submits. We added such an option to the Form Widget.

Blog for QuintaDB'S users is added

We've implemented our own blog engine and integrated it into our site. We are moving from wordpress blog now.

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