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HTML field names

Changes in notification templates: A new format that makes it easier to work with fields. Design unique names for the fields in your templates, easily customize the feedback fields, e-mail newsletters, using HTML field names.

We hasten to inform about the important change in the notification templates, newsletters and records. Previously, the format used to insert record data into the template was:

|Field name|

The problem of this format was that field names are often changing; they are very long and inconvenient to work with. Therefore, we added a new option for each field - the HTML field name, that looks like this by default:


Also you can change its name at any time, for example, to:


Key point! The field name must remain unique, so do not use the same name for other fields.

For example, go to Edit Email Notification Template.

To do this, we go to the Notifications -> Edit Email notification template and compose the email.

By default, the template looks like this:

You can change this template yourself to any other text. For example, you want the message to come not with a table, but with a line.

Here is an example of the message: "Jack Adams, the status of the task for Task No. АВС has been changed to Completed." Use HTML field names to paste the data. Copy it to the notification template, to those parts in your text where you want the data to be displayed.

"|user_name|, Field_dcImkX for Field_aVvmok has been changed to Completed "

You can change the HTML field name like you want in the Form builder -> Edit Field -> HTML field name.

New HTML field names are used in various templates: E-mail newsletters, Notifications, Widget Record.

In Template Form/Reminders templates, you can edit the reminding template:


And edit the conditions for actions:

You can set up e-mail templates (Forms/Newsletters/Email):

In Widgets/Record, editing template is as follows:

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