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September news: new module 'Conditional Actions', new twitter account and many more

MTH team added several new and valuable features this summer, Conditional Actions is the main one.

This summer was hot, but productive. Here is what MTH team were able to create in last month.


1. Conditional Actions enables you to send email- or SMS-notifications, show custom message or redirect to URL based on a defined criteria after each record cell value creation or update.

More details here.


2. New Twitter account. Please, notice, that old one closed. Please, follow new one in order to stay in touch with the latest MTH news.



3. Added the possibility to import checkbox values. In your Excel file just enter 'one value per line' in a cell which will have 'Checkbox'  type in MTH.


4. Email- and SMS- notifications UI improved. In order to edit notification template you'll have to click on 'Edit' icon at the right of each option.


5. You can edit Subject template for your 'Updated record' notifications.


6. 'Can't be blank' validation added for Relationship and Checkbox field types.


Thank you for trusting and using MTH!


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