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Email newsletters

If you have online database, which contains email column, you most probably will want to send email newsletter to this email. As well as use some data from database in this email, like Name column. Now this is possible in QuintaDB's email newsletter

Now you can create and even schedule Email Newsletter right in QuintaDB. If you have Email field on your web-form and you gathered some emails in your database you can start using it.

You can find "Email newsletter" menu in the Notifications section. Please, notice that you can also send email newsletter from Records page. Select some records and click on Actions menu. You'll see 'Email newsletter' link.


How to send email newsletter to selected table records



You need to select at least one record before clicking on Email newsletter button. Also, in order to use this function, please, make sure to add Email field to your form. It can be done on Fields page.


Once you are on Email newsletter page you can start creating your email.


Email column: select your database column which contains emails to which you'll send your email in a moment


Subject: choose descriptive email sucject


Body: enter your email text. You can format this text using Word like editor. Also you can insert data from database using |Column name| format. For example, you can enter "Hi |User name|". Where Username it's a field on your form (database column).


From: using this option you can make sure user will see your or your company name instead of QuintaDB


Reply to: this is the email your user can reply to


You can save your newsletter email settings as a template. This way you'll not need to fill all the fields each time you want to send bulk email. You can load your template using drop down at the bottom of the form.


Please, see below how to schedule your newsletters.


Schedule email newsletter



Also, please, notice, link at the bottom of the page Statistic. This link allows you to see basic statistic of newsletter usage. You can see date, subject and number of emails sent as well as Total amount of emails.


As you'll notice we do not allow to send more then 200 emails per time. This is why using email templates will save you a lot of time while sending emails to more then 200 users.


Hope you'll find our database newsletter email functionality useful!


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Artem Grebinnyk

Excellent feature ! It actually replaces the need for subscribing for any sort of e-mail “campaigner” or similar system that would charge a fee for it. Well done, thank you one more time !

Igor Petrushenko

Hi Artem!

You are welcome!

Maria Moskovska

Very nice feature! Can even be used for any sort of party invitation campaign:-) Thanks for your innovative aproach to database management

Igor Petrushenko

Thank you! It’s a pleasure to hear good feedback from you!


Wonderful. Thank you.

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