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How to link forms in QuintaDB

In order to link tables in QuintaDB you have to add Relationship field in Fields menu and configure it.

In order to link forms in QuintaDB you have to:


- go to Fields menu

- create new field with Relationship type, select form with which to link current form and relaitonship type. Also display field type.


How to link tables in MTH


Relationship type can be:


- one-to-one

- many-to-one

- many-to-many


Display type can be:

- Dropdown

Multi Select with autocompletion


Please, click here to watch screencast (without sound), where you can see how to link Team and Player forms.


In order to show several column's data from linked table you can create Formula field and select this field in 'Select display field'.

In QuintaDB you can have only one relationship between two forms.




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