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Setting web form design using CSS

If you missing some option to customize your web form or database you can use advanced way - uploading your own CSS files. This way you can achieve almost any design goal

If you like to have some recognizable web forms on your web-page you need to know how to use CSS. Also you can use different existing services and models. One of such services is online database of MyTaskHelper.com (MTH). Here you can set up a form design without any knowledge in Cascading Style Sheets. But we are interested in more professional editing of the widgets.


When using MTH service you can choose different CSS classes for different users. Then you need to create and upload a CSS file with classes’ description in “Customize & Integrate” menu.


For a fast start there are some system classes, for example hidden and two-column. If you want to see a preview of your widget with a new file of cascading style sheets just open the appropriate form page. Your file will be uploaded to this form and changes will be applied immediately. Even if this form has been already integrated into your web-site. The same is with data tables. If they have been already built in your web page, new styles will be updated automatically.


If you want to define the name of the style for any field just go to the necessary link in “Forms” menu. For example, if you want to make all the fields go horizontally name this class “four column”. And don’t forget to set the same settings for the rest of the three fields.


In “Design” tab of “Customize & Integrate” menu there is a special file field, where you should upload a class-description file. Using this feature you can expose or hide a field or even whole groups. In tables you can hide the Search form, but it is possible even with online form builder options. Please, be careful with uploading of your styles. Even in case of a small mistake you can get serious design changes. But you can fix it by deleting these uploaded files.


The main feature is the possibility to adjust the design of your database. Go to the “Database” menu and all the process is similar to the  previous manipulations. You can change the table background and letters style, the way your lines and columns looks like. Also you can create your own form of searching and grouping.


In this way you have different variants to edit your web form design. Using the internal settings you can choose the font and color you like. Or you can go further and make some more serious changes using CSS. So you can use your own background picture, buttons and colors.

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