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June update: allowing to modify invite email, relationship with report and other features

In June MTH got several new features like: relationship with report, invite email templates and other


We are happy to introduce the new features which were recently added.

- You can edit email template for Invite Team member notifications. Please, see screenshot below.

Invite email template


- You can create Relationship field which will fetch data from Report. In the past you were able to link with the whole table.


Link with Report in relationship field


- You can place checkbox and radio box horizontally now. Please, see below how:


Choices layout



- In the past you were able to export only to Email. But now for not huge tables we've allowed immediate Download file for both Excel and PDF exports.


- You can use Search and Grouping in Login Query Engine. So this means that users after using Login Form will see all their records and will be able to group or search in it.


Search and Group in LQE

- From now you can Edit, Delete and Clone your records in Grouped Report widget.


Edit, Delete and Clone in grouped report widget

- Overal performance, security and stability improvements.


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