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Web form design

QuintaDB is a highly customizable online database. You can change many form or db settings in one click and it will be automatically updated in your embedded form or database. Use CSS for advanced settings as well

Nowadays the capability to create an original design of a web site is highly valued. And as it is known, any site without forms does not provide many benefits. That is why web form design is of particular importance in development of HTML pages.


Using the web forms builder QuintaDB.com you can not only create a widget, but customize its look and feel and functionality (E-mails, URL redirects, Security).


You have to register in the system and create a form with several fields. When the needed web form, for example, contact us form, is created, pass to the menu Customize and Integrate.


You can change the name of the button from “Create” to “Send” in our follow-up widget. You can also change the background color of the whole form, for example, blue.


You can make the color of the text as black one and the color of the active field as yellow one. You always can make the feel and look of the form name that is the heading, better. In order to do this you can change the font size and the text color of the name. Or you may not to indicate the form name.


The outstanding feature of the customization of a web form design in QuintaDB is a possibility to download one’s own logotype to form. You can also indicate its sizes, which are width and height.


It is necessary to indicate the sizes of your widget (height and width). They should be given in percentage terms or in pixels. Indenting will also make your form more attractive. If you wish, you can indicate the limits and size of the font, as well as indicate the font itself. The flavor of customization of a widget design in QuintaDB is a upload of your own CSS file. In it you can describe the field’s categories, set in menu “Forms”. If you have enough knowledge of CSS, you can download a background picture and your button.


Apart from customization of a form design, you can set the e-mails of the receivers of messages about new widget entries. Please, note that you can indicate several addresses, thus, not only you, but your employees can see new order entries, in our case they are inquiries by means of a contact form. Setting URL Redirects you will be able to direct your users to another site or to the page of a successful form entry. It is also recommended to set a message that is shown to a user after data sending.


If you set a captcha you will protect yourself from spammers and undesirable messages. You have an opportunity to choose between a simple and complex captcha. If the probability of spam messages is very high, it’s better to choose a complex one.


Thus, having service QuintaDB at hand, you can create, customize and embed a form with original and recognizable design into your site.

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