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Display name for database column

It is possible to set display name for table column instead of form field name in QuintaDB. This way your database will be more customizable

We've implemented one more user's suggestion regarding database field name.


Please, see on the screenshot below how you can use it:


Display column name



When you using integrated database you may want to change column names. By default it's the same as your web-form field names.


In order to change column name, please, go to "Widgets" menu for "Table". You'll see "Columns" submenu. Clicked on which you'll notice that now you can set Display Name.


Near "Show" text you'll see checkbox, using which you can disable all columns in one click or enable all table columns in one click.


After changing column names and pressing "Update" button you'll see new column names in your integrated database. Please, notice, that this changes will be seen on Records page too. Also, new display names will be shown in Search and Group forms.


Hope you'll find this feature useful!

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