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Sending of data from one widget to the other

Sometimes you may need to send data from one form to another. You may have many forms with it's own style & look, integrated on different web-sites, but all of them will submit data to one table

MyTaskHelper online service opens new possibilities for its clients. Now we are glad to provide you with such a possibility as information sending from one widget to the other.


The essence of this unique functionality consists in the fact that any service user can make a widget clone after the widget creation. Then one can customize a clone form the way he wants to entering all necessary parameters and look and feel settings and place it at any web resource.


Thus, it will turn out to be that the resource users will fill the clone and the records from it will be sent to the original widget. This is a simple way of information transmission from one table to the other.


Now let’s consider in details how it can be done.


1. Click on the “New project creation” link. Go over to the Forms menu, where add all necessary fields to the form indicating their type on occasion (one-line or multi-line text).


2. When all the needed parameters are added, clone the created widget. You do not need to have any particular knowledge or make any particular efforts – just click on the “Duplicate” button. As a result we get two identical widgets.


3. The Widget-clone should have its own name different from the name of the main widget. That is why it is necessary to change the name, calling the clone, for example, “Partnership program”.


4. There is a list of options below the created form including “Additional options”. If you click on it you can choose what web form will be filled in and in what web form information will be copied automatically.


After you’ve made the choice, all the information from the cloned widget will be sent to the main widget.


It is important to remember that all the fields of the widgets created by the clone method should coincide. You will not be able to make changes only in one form leaving the other unchanged. If the forms are not identical the connection between them will be broken and the records will not be duplicated.


It concerns not only the fields’ additions and fields’ removal, but also their types choice. Let us assume that in case the “Name” field in one form is set as the “one-line text” type, then it is impossible to set the “multi-line text” type for the same field in the second form.


How is the data duplicated?


For example, the site user enters some record into the form. It comes to the public online database and, thus, it will be reflected in every twin widget. You can view the records in any of the created forms.


The considered MyTaskHelper database builder service will be the most comfortable at partnership programs formation.

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Igor Petrushenko

Hello Russell Lee !

Thank you for your post in MyTaskHelper.com. Your questions are important to us and allow us to continue to advance more to your needs.

MTH does not currently support the alias names to the form fields. The clonned form submits the data to matching field name only.

Our developers will try to fix this in further improvements to benefit you. If you have further questions please contact us anytime.

Assuring your best of our services…

Support Manager

Have you considered allowing the renaming of fields in a cloned form? I’d like to be able to create cloned forms with Spanish field titles — and have the main clone and database in English.

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