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QuintaDB releases new Android app!

Form and database builder for Android devices. Create databases and forms on your phone or tablet and sync them to QuintaDB online database

It is finally here. After a long wait, and our development team working extremely hard, it has been released. QuintaDB  is proud to announce it's new app for Android.



Just go to the Google Play store app on your Android and take QuintaDB  with you wherever you need to go!


You can also visit: Get my Android App

Depending from your device you may need to press and hold Menu or Back device buttons in order to see our app menu with buttons to Sync data.


* Please be sure to back up all information on QuintaDB  before pushing information to Android from QuintaDB *



See below for screenshots on how to sync and use QuintaDB on your Android! This is the first user screen you will see:



For seasoned veterans of QuintaDB this will be fairly straight forward, and you will be directed to a screen where you can see your project list. Once you have synced with the QuintaDB server, all of the projects you create on your computer will be visible on your Android!



To create a new project, just select a new project, enter the project and form names, and you are ready to go!



All of QuintaDB's wonderful functionality is also included in the app! Select your field type that mirrors the field types on QuintaDB and create your new form!



When your form is complete, add a new record and your database has started. The great thing about this is that you also have access to forms you created with your mobile app on your computer when you arrive back at the office!



Here is what your form will look like on your Android:



And a preview of the database records:



When you select a record to view, here is what it will look like:



To sync your device just go to the Projects page from your mobile device and click settings:  



Here you can pull your projects form the QuintaDB server, or send a project to the server, as well as login. You can also create a new QuintaDB account if you are new to QuintaDB!



To add a form to an existing project, simply click the button on the lower left of your Android to bring up the settings screen. This way you can add new forms to your existing project, or look up all of your projects. 



We hope you enjoy the program, and as always our support staff is ready to assist you with the mobile app as well!


Please have a look and let us know what you think. Feel free to post comments or suggestions on our Forum for Android App.


Please remember to vote for this if you enjoy it!


You can also leave comments and feedback using our Contact Form.


QuintaDB still needs your help to expand to more platforms! Please help us by donating Here.


Thank you! Enjoy.

Please, login to QuintaDB to be able to post comments


To enter in app settings, please use standard android menu button and after click on “Settings”

Mansoor Jiwani

Where is the settings button?

Igor Petrushenko


Please, just go to Settings and click “Pull data from MTH

I am a current user of the website-based system. Ive installed the APP on my droid but I cannot get beyond the “create new project” button. I don’t want to create a new project, a I have and existing project that I wanted to see on the Droid.

DoI have to create a new project?

I got into settings and entered my username and password. It announced that I had logged in successfully and the asked me for my username and password again.

I’m puzzled.


Nice work!! Good to see you guys keeping up to date with the technology..

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