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Export information to PDF format and print it

In order to print your database records you can use Export to PDF. PDF it's a printable data format and can be easily configured for nice Print using MTH build in functions

It is not very convenient to visit an online service every time you need to view your records, as there could be a situation when the Internet is not accessible or you do not have an opportunity to take your computer if you are going to have a long journey. And you can’t leave business to chance! Besides, it is established that perception of information from the computer screen is much worse than from the paper. It is exactly for the convenience of customers that online form builder MyTaskHelper team has developed the function which makes it possible to export the database content to a PDF format document and print it.


So, let’s consider step-by-step instructions describing the possibility of moving the necessary information to a PDF file.


1. Click on “Records” menu and choose the necessary tag.


2. You can find an icon intended for the records export under the chosen widget name.


3. Click on the icon, a PDF file is created automatically. For convenience you can set the following functions.


Paper format – sizes from A0 to A4 are available (from the size of a handheld calendar to the standard size paper for printing).


You can also set the needed text orientation – album or book. If you wish the display area to be wide, it’s better to set an album variant.


The possibilities of documents printing will also depend on your choice. You can print the maximal number of records on one sheet of paper or you can print every record on a separate sheet of paper.


One more setting option is a page break. There are also two possibilities: you can break writing after every record or you can fill every page with a text.


4. After the file is completely created and set up, it would be sent to your e-mail address that was used at registration in an online service.


Now everything is clear with online databases, but there are such widgets which were created during the process of records grouping. What is to be done if it is necessary to print such a table? It turns out to be very simple!


1. Click on “Customize and Embed” link.


2. Click on database icon.


3. In this tab you will find a menu with the name “Actions”, which you should enter.


4. Tick off “Data export to PDF” function which is opposite to it.


5. The table will appear on the screen; at the top of it you will find Export to PDF icon.


In order to open the created file you will need Acrobate ReaderTM or Adobe Reader program in many operation systems. 

Once exported to PDF your database can be then converted using any pdf to word converter

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