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Sorting, filtration, export of data to Excel

It's hard to image database without Search or Grouping feature. It's a common way to explore your data by sorting, performing search, grouping and exporting to Excel. Reports and Views generation couldn't be done without these features too

The given sorting procedure can be applied to MyTaskHelper database builder, which is engaged into your data collection, keeping and processing. It makes it possible for you to work on projects, which contain your data, and manage them on an operational basis - sort results, form reports, export the results of work online without any need to know programming languages.


MyTaskHelper online data base team has published a new possibility for working with tables and files: fast sorting in relation to the user search results, records filtration mode, export of records received upon the request results to Excel.


Now after search realization and records filtration in the web database you can sort the search results and export the found records to Excel promptly. A full export of all database files (in the process of data choosing it is necessary to indicate – all records) is also possible.


The given functional possibility can be used in the following way:


You can use the functionality of search or choose necessary filters to put necessary records into the form. Visit “Records” menu and click on the left link “Search – Filtration”. Choose the necessary search and filtration criteria. The records chosen by you will appear on the screen. Further on, to sort the data it is necessary to click on a green arrow in the database table headline (the given object is reflected near every table column). Notably, if the arrow points up, it means that the table records are sorted ascending, and if the arrow points down it means that the records are sorted descending.


Then, if you have any need, you can export the chosen and sorted records to Excel file. (If you keep and maintain multimedia files database you can save both the chosen file and the whole files set together on your computer).


The same functionality is possible for usage of the database in a widget. During the process of database creation and maintenance you can sort it according to any fields, filter it according to the filters indicated by you and export to an Excel table in order to view it on a local computer.


Your connected users can also apply the above-mentioned functions of the user search, records filtration in the database, as well as export search results (filtration results) to an Excel file.


You can learn the order of data processing in Excel table processor if you read the corresponding literature or address Excel program complex information.

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