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Total for formula Field

Publication date: August 20, 2018


I’ve realized that it’s currently not possible to have Total Value for Formula field (column).

It will be very useful and in combination with Formula field itself will allow to work out grand totals of the whole table.

Thank you


Total of the Column calculation automated

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Dear Andrew and Igor

It is great to discover that you are actually responding to suggestions and trying to do your best to suit customers needs.

One more feature that is missing for me.

You have an option to find out the Total of the numeric columns, which is great. But you have to press it manually (and also total can not be found in Formula column).

What is missing for me is to have the Total added automatically at the BOTTOM of specified column (and ideally with the word “Totals:” at the bottom of the first text type column for example), just like in MS Access.

And if you also add a feature to do at least single calculation between columns as well (say Total column 1 – Total column 2) and placing it below Totals as “Grand Total”, then the system will be outstanding of all other ones for sure.

Best regards,