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Team module. Access rights and roles in QuintaDB.

Manager and administrator is a common database roles. They allow one person to create database and other to manage it's online. You can also provide read only access to your DB

Database forms

QuintaDB can build web-forms with database back-end. Then this database web-form can be embedded to your web sites or blogs. It is really easy to create such forms in QuintaDB online database

New Design Templates for your Database!

New Design Templates for your Database!

New designer Templates for your Forms!

Online database with templates to simplify your start creating web-forms and databases. It's one click customization with pre-defined nice styles

E-mail notifications after form filling

Once web-form submitted to your online database you should be notified by it. It can be easily done using email notifications feature

User blocking at the IP-address for the purpose of your database security

You can block users by IP if you think they sending spam to your database using your web-forms.

Sending of data from one widget to the other

Sometimes you may need to send data from one form to another. You may have many forms with it's own style & look, integrated on different web-sites, but all of them will submit data to one table

Full range of possibilities only with MyTaskHelper REST API

Restful API allows you to access online database from your own applications. You can fetch or insert data from your own script or program, without accessing web interface

Sorting, filtration, export of data to Excel

It's hard to image database without Search or Grouping feature. It's a common way to explore your data by sorting, performing search, grouping and exporting to Excel. Reports and Views generation c...

Export information to PDF format and print it

In order to print your database records you can use Export to PDF. PDF it's a printable data format and can be easily configured for nice Print using MTH build in functions

Database grouping

Group your database by some column, build reports, save to views, customize and integrate grouped views to your web pages using easy to use UI

How to make a contact form and embed it into your site or blog

The best way to create contact form is to use our online form builder MTH. You can easily create, customize and embed your contact form to your web page within a minute

Registration form

Registration or Sign up forms can be easily created, customized and integrated to your web sites or blogs.

Creation of database relationships between web-forms

Relationships are widely used in database software. Linking forms is the best way to avoid big table creation

Online form builder

Using online form builder you can create not only web based databases, but also contact, registration and online order forms. Our database software allows you to do it using easy to use web interface

Database views creation and integration

In MTH you can easily create, customize and integrate database views. View is a really powerful DB feature and can be useful in any database, simple or professional.

Store music online

It is really easy to collect music, videos and other media inside online database. Just create web-form with file upload or image fields and start collecting and sharing data
































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