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April Update. The new Projects page interface, the new Modules page and more

April updates on the QuintaDB service

The new Projects page interface

Introduction to the new interface

s log

Each QuintaDB user can now see his own sign-ins log

Uploaded file type and file size validation

You can set maximum acceptable file size, which user can upload into your database. You can also set which file types can be uploaded, all other types will not be able to upload

Password protect web form or table widget

When you don't need anyone to access your web-form you can set login and password. This way you protect your form by submitting database information from wrong users

Design Templates for your Database

Design Templates for Table

Templates for your Forms

Online database with templates to simplify your start creating web-forms and databases. It's one click customization with pre-defined nice styles

Single Sign On in QuintaDB, sign in without entering your login credentials

Almost standard way to login these day is to use Facebook, twitter or Gmail account. In QuintaDB you can now use all of them

Maps in QuintaDB

You can create Maps in QuintaDB using data from several tables or reports

Team module. Access rights and roles in QuintaDB.

Manager and administrator is a common database roles. They allow one person to create database and other to manage it's online. You can also provide read only access to your DB

Backup and restore database and web forms

Store your web form or database settings in our single file backup and you'll not be worried about restoring your form or db later

File field with upload progress and ajaxified web form.

You can see upload progress in percentages while uploading your file into database. Also all web form widget using Ajax, so page will not be reloaded if user inputs not correct data

How to clone fields in QuintaDB

It is now possible to clone fields in QuintaDB. Just click on 'Clone' link.

March update. Portal user's permissions, Calendar time period, notifications ...

March updates on the QuintaDB service

February update. New field type - Confirmation checkbox, System columns in th...

In this article, you will learn more about the latest updates of the QuintaDB service.

In-place editing in QuintaDB

You can enable in-place editing in QuintaDB for the selected fields or for the whole table

'No duplicate entries' validation option

Uniqueness validation is very important for any database software. We've added no duplicates validation on Forms menu. This way you can avoid same information in one column

New captcha for web forms and export files features

Simple Captcha is really easy to use, but still secure solution to protect your web-forms from spammers

Database roles

Database may need to be shared between several people. That's why you need to restrict access with different database roles, like administrator or manager

Web form design

QuintaDB is a highly customizable online database. You can change many form or db settings in one click and it will be automatically updated in your embedded form or database. Use CSS for advanced ...

Form Builder 2.0

Updated Form Builder with Drag and Drop

New Year offer

QuintaDB's Holydays discount

QuintaDB's New Design

A new website design

Files module added to Portals, new Team module

You can enable Files module in Customer Portals. Added new Team module


In QuintaDB you can show the data from the table or report as a Calendar.

Database search. Searchable databases online

All databases built in QuintaDB are searchable. You can run search by multiple criteria with different conditions and save results to database views

Number of characters Validation

You can restrict user from entering to much information by using 'Number of characters validation'

Import multiple files into database or upload several files at once

When you need to upload several files into QuintaDB you can do it from Import button, Upload multiple files feature

Update multiple records at once

On a Records page there is new Update Multiple records form. Just select several records, select column to update and enter common value for this records and hit Update, all records will have new v...


REST API allows you to create more then allowed with Quinta's web UI. You can build custom reports and use your online database in mobile applications


10th anniversary and new name

New in MTH: new modules Files and Team, export limits and many more

You can upload and share files between your Team members using new Files module. Please, investigate new rules and export limits too.

August update: popup form widgets, moving form/project to another project/acc...

In August we've added popup form widgets, improved Maps and Login form functionality, added can't be blank validation for Relationship field and many more

July update: new Maps module, Search by Created column, change Report criteri...

In July we've introduced new Maps module and many other great improvements

February update: new widget design options, print and export single record an...

In february we've added new form and table widget design options. Ability to print and export single record and many more

Future of Databases - online databases?

We keep thinking that future of database softwares is cloud technologies, moving online and sharing access with the world
















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