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Password protect web form or table widget

When you don't need anyone to access your web-form you can set login and password. This way you protect your form by submitting database information from wrong users

Clone web-form and all it's settings

When you need to test new feature or just to create almost the same form as existing one, then duplicate form feature will be very helpful. Just click on Duplicate button and your form will be clon...

Data export scheduling

In QuintaDB you can schedule your data export to FTP and Email. You can choose both CSV and Excel file export.

How to design your web form or table

Customize online database and integrate it to your web page within a 5 minutes. Simple database become really powerful with our rich set of options

Team module. Access rights and roles in QuintaDB.

Manager and administrator is a common database roles. They allow one person to create database and other to manage it's online. You can also provide read only access to your DB

Backup and restore database and web forms

Store your web form or database settings in our single file backup and you'll not be worried about restoring your form or db later

How to enable records editing and deleting in table widget

In QuintaDB you can enable table records editing and deleting straight in the table widget. Without a need to login to system. This way you can place editable tables on your web site.

How to Clone a Project

You can duplicate your database for backup and testing purposes. Clone using one click and you'll have absolute duplicate of your existent database. It copies both web-forms and records too

Change Report name

You can change Report name on Reports page

How to clone fields in QuintaDB

It is now possible to clone fields in QuintaDB. Just click on 'Clone' link.

Turn off form after some number of submissions

Turn off form after some number of submissions

'No duplicate entries' validation option

Uniqueness validation is very important for any database software. We've added no duplicates validation on Forms menu. This way you can avoid same information in one column

How to create used cars database

When you need to store your used cards somewhere, it is a great idea to create online database with card. Just define web form with car details and fill your database with cars db

Import multiple files into database or upload several files at once

When you need to upload several files into QuintaDB you can do it from Import button, Upload multiple files feature

Update multiple records at once

On a Records page there is new Update Multiple records form. Just select several records, select column to update and enter common value for this records and hit Update, all records will have new v...
















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