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Need support

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Hello Team,
Hope this finds you well. i apologise for not paying in time. However, i was trying to develop an online database for my company so that they can buy the idea. Its so unfortunate that my account was closed in the due process.
In this regards i was requested by my boss to inquire from you on the following issues:
1. How safe is the data on the Application i develop, in other words they need to know about the security of the data i will be posting on my application?,
2. can i send an sms reminder with a customised message to someone’s phone?
3. can this application be hosted on mobile phone to use it so. In other words to make it user friendly?
4. who to pay, when and how.
5.Can i get a hundeler/ helper/ support person whom i can contact directly incase of anything like seeking for assistance and guidance.
Lastly, i kindly request you unlock my Applications for only three weeks so that i can present to my bosses for review and approvals. That’s is my humble request.
hope to hear from you soon from my personal mail.
warmest regards

Your SaaS product

Publication date: August 14, 2018

Nice product, a little trouble with the date when trying to enter and SEND disappearing. One question, SMS makes no sense to me with “-”… .20 cents per sms?

Does the legend below the form go away if you buy in?


Messages via SMS

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Besides the current ability to send messages to an Email ID, add the option to also send messages to a cell phone via SMS.