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Today as a Constant for Formulas

Publication date: August 8, 2018

Dears, good morning!

I am very satisfied with the MTH. It has been very helpful to me.

But I need some help on the following:
On a form I enter a date of a day that has already passed. Ex: 20/12/2017 (data1)
In this same form I need a formula that points me how many days have passed from “date1” to the current date (ie, today). Ex: data1 – data2 (today) = 51
Remembering that the “today” date needs to be updated daily. I have tried to put “date2” as the default for today, but the calculation does not work.

When I signed the plan there was a free 2 month promotion for annual subscriptions. It seems that my account is valid for only 1 year, not including 2 months free. Can you check that?

I’m using the translator.

Thank you very much for your attention.